This single volume anthology contains the first three Huntsville Supernatural stories. It is available both in print and for Kindle.

In the first story, Mike Brown is called upon to investigate a threat to the supernatural community. Most of the human population doesn’t know about their closest relatives on the evolutionary tree. Mike is one of the few who do. The world is not ready to know that there are other species walking among them, let alone one evolved to prey on humans. When someone starts getting too close to the truth, Mike must find a way to defuse the situtation, if possible without compromising his non-violent ideals.

The second story follows Liz Macey. Liz is still coming to terms with the fact that not only is she not human, but there is a whole community of non-humans living in plain sight amongst the human population. In addition to her personal journey, Liz finds herself helping Mike Brown investigate a very unusual murder. Can she find a place in this world, and maybe even love, preferably without getting killed in the process?

The third story is a short novel that follows Christine Mills. Christine has lived multple lifetimes under multiple names. Such is the lot of the long lived vampire race. She currently works as a police detective in Huntsville, Alabama where a community of scientists and engineers develop new missile technologies for NASA and the Army. Christine uses her position as a police detective to help serve the cause of justice for both the human and non-human communities. Her work uncovers a new threat to the supernatural community, which is already having deadly consequences for the human community. As the events culminate in a massive battle, keeping the existence of supernaturals secret from the human community may not be possible.